The Perfect Date is based on one simple premise: that absolutely all of us could use a little more romance in our lives.

Think about it. We're all so busy balancing our work, family and friends that we all too rarely take a moment to nurture our romantic sides and do something truly special for our beloved.

At The Perfect Date we take great pride in providing consultation, itinerary creation and support services for romantic adventures both great and small. Perhaps you've snagged a date with that special someone you've been eyeing for months, or maybe it's time to reconnect with your life partner after months of taking each other for granted. Or maybe you want to throw a big bash for your parent's wedding anniversary. Whatever your romantic objective, our team has got you covered so get in touch today and help us to help you put a little more romance back into your day-to-day.

Elitsa Manolo: Lead Romantic Event Planner

Our founder and leading expert on romance, fun, and sexy times in the city has put in her time on Toronto's dating scene and come away with all the right love lessons. Elitsa has broken more than a few hearts during her adventures around the globe before settling back in Toronto and setting out to help the rest of us put a little bit more spark back in our busy lives. Athlete, singer and gun slinger, Ms. Manolo holds a degree from York University and works tirelessly to achieve only the best results for our clients. Call Elitsa today at 416-893-2003 and find out how we can help set up The Perfect Date for you and your loved one(s).

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