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Shopping Services
Flower Selection (You pick up/pay for flowers)$50
Flower Selection & Delivery (flower costs not included)$99
Personalized Bottle of Wine (your pic on wine label)$120
Personalized Gift Basket (your pic on gift basket items)$229
Room Decoration (2 hrs)$199
Gift Selection (1 hr)$119
Gift Selection (2 hrs)$199
Wardrobe Consultation (1 hr)$119
Wardrobe Consultation (2 hrs)$199
Wardrobe Shopping Trip (1 hr)$119
Wardrobe Shopping Trip (2 hrs)$199
Lingerie Selection (1 hr)$129
Sex Toy Selection (1 hr)$129
Date Support Services
Babysitting Service (6 hrs @ $20/hr)$120
Undercover Research Work (2 hrs)$249
On-Site Date Management (4 hrs)$299
Errand Running (2 hrs)$249
Venue Decoration (2 hrs)$249
Memory Making Services
Secret Video Montage (3 hrs)$499
Secret Paparazzi (3 hrs)$399
Destination Services
Destination Date Planning (1 day)$399
Weekend Escape Planning (2/3 days)$399
On-Site Date Management (In Ontario, Daily)$399
On-Site Date Management (Out of Country, Daily)$499
Transportation rental$129


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